This weblog is a locus for reflections and reports on Tuning Scores. In the late ’90’s in Seattle, a loose group of improvisers who had studied with Lisa and Karen Nelson got together to tune. We met with musicians performing Zorn’s Cobra and combined to make CoBrew, instigated by Karen Nelson and Brent Arnold, the first prompter. Met in different constellations, and instigated by John Dixon started a tuning log – which was at first a binder in a dance studio then moved to email. This weblog here is a new iteration of a writing report embedded into the work.

A Description of Tuning (and there are many):

Tuning Scores are an intriguing way to investigate fundamental elements of performance, movement behavior, and communication, altogether. Originated by Lisa Nelson, the explorations illuminate how we compose perception through action; in other words, we learn how what we see is inextricably linked to how we see, through our multisensorial layers of observation. In “tuning,” we practice together, using both movement and verbal calls. Through these, we communicate our desires, our imagination, and our memory, in a shared image space. And with this material, we compose live art, together.

Some Resources:

Lisa Nelson articles here and here.

Interview with Lisa by Nita Little here.

Video interview with Marlon Barrios-Solano here.

Charlie Morrissey’s webpage links to some great vids interviews and articles on  with Lisa and Tuning. His site was a great resource for this page. Check it out here.

Notes from a Tuning Project (Toronto, 2004) Perception in Action here.

A section of Margit Galanter’s MA thesis that describes tuning here.

A video of tuning from Portland, OR here.

A video of tuning in Seattle at SFDI 2009 here.

Margit’s blog has some tuning descriptions. Check it out here.

If you would like to blog for your local tuning +/or want to know more, contact me. margit@physicalintelligence.org


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